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Our Recruitment Process

  • 1   Signing of Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between A-MAX and client.
  • 2   Authentication of the following documents by the Philippine Embassy

    List of Documents

    • Master Employment Contract
    • Recruitment agreement between agency and client
    • Special Power of Attorney authorizing A-MAX to be your agency in the Philippines
    • Joint affidavit of undertaking of client and agency
    • Business license of the client
    • Approved job order
    • Client’s office sketch
    • Client’s authorized representative’s passport copy
    • Contingency Plan
    • Oath of Undertaking
    • A-MAX POEA License
    • A-MAX President’s Passport Copy
  • 3   Screening of applicants for interview based on their curriculum vitae (CV) submitted via email.
  • 4   Final interview of applicants to be conducted by the client or its representative.
  • 5   Signing of employment contract for successful applicants.
  • 6   Medical examination for successful applicants.
  • 7   Start visa processing for successful applicants.
  • 8   Application for exit documents of successful applicants at POEA.
  • 9   Arrangement of flight details of successful applicants for deployment.
  • 10   Departure of successful applicants.