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A-MAX Philippines International Promotions, Inc. is a manpower recruitment agency duly licensed by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA). It is headed by its president and owner, Ms. Prisca Niña O. Mabatid, who is one of the outstanding entrepreneurs in the Philippines, well recognized for her sharp business acumen that has created an admirable standing relationship with principal clients, and deployed workers and government agencies in the Philippines.

A-MAX recognizes the importance of producing a highly skilled labor force that answers the global demand for competent workers. A thorough search throughout the Philippines is systematically put in motion by the company through its office branches to fulfill the necessary requirements per job order for immediate deployment. A-MAX is equipped with a strong communication infrastructure that connects easily to the global network for easy access between A-MAX and clients aiming for a swift and efficient transaction where all expectations are met by both sides.

Over the years, A-MAX has developed a wide-based network of clientele that has continued to patronize it for its expertise in the recruitment process—from sourcing out and screening to interview process and deployment of the needed workforce. A-MAX has serviced clients from Europe, America, Middle East and Asia with satisfaction guaranteed. Our huge databank can provide all our clients the manpower needs from high to low skilled professionals under different categories, be it in the field of construction, healthcare, administration, sports and entertainment. Our unique way of sourcing quality applicants has made all our recruitment missions a huge success which lead to the satisfaction of both our clients and applicants making all of them proud to be part of A-MAX.

A-MAX commits to serve the world with a conviction to enable the capable and make them available to meet demands all over the globe.